Something Black, Something Blue

Something Black, Something Blue

Engagments/weddings is definitely not something I want to get into as far as photography is concerned (unlike I said in a previous post). Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful for people to get these photos. I also believe simply going to the wedding and taking photos would be quite fun. Actually being hired however is somewhat nerve wracking and I think the people you're working for will be the harshest critics as it's of them for them for personal use.

Engagements aren't that bad, and quite fun though they're a lot of work depending on what needs to be done. However, upon further research engagement shoots are really for the wedding photographer to get to know the couple and consequently the couple gets nice photos from it. And a wedding is something I could never do for a living. I will be shooting a good friend's in September as more of a 'paid' favor because they like my style and he's a good guy so I want to help out. I can easily see myself doing that for friends because it's relatively stress free and I like helping my friends. Even friends of friends (as is the case in this photo) for engagements would be fine... But as for complete strangers? I couldn't handle being told what to do and when and where for my photographs!


Cap'n A-Hab said...

Yes. agreed. Obviously. As we talked about it. But, yes, I agree. Although, I think the engagement ones are fun because there isn't the same pressure. And I don't feel the need to make every detail the most perfect ever, as the biggest print they'll go to is probably a 5x7 on the mantle until the wedding. Other than that, they're wallet sized. And what a great way to get your name out there :).

Peace Adam.

Josy said...

I think that's not an uncommon opinion--nobody wants to sell themselves out!--so you're not alone. :)

Interesting treatment of this photo--I'm curious why you chose to leave a few tiny specks of orange in the background (as seen in the large version). But that's certainly a beautiful shade of blue on the fiancée.