Peace Is Free

Peace Is Free

This photograph has several meanings that are outwardly obvious to me. There's also several that are a bit more subtle. For starters I believe it is quintessentially the "Rock" genre of music. The ambiance is there, the off coloring, off kiltered setting. Chris Robertson is sporting a guitar tattoo while playing his six string with his mouth (another meaning for another time). There's the clothes he's wearing and the stance he's sporting. It felt good to see this one come out. However, it's not just that. Don McClean famously wrote and sung:

Do you believe in Rock and Roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?

I'm a firm believer in it. Music has defined my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it was rockin' out to Jerry Lee Lewis while dressed in a suit coat & no shirt, replacing my middle name with "Fire" when I was 4 years old to when I was playing various woodwind instruments in middle school to my stints of attempting to play the guitar in high school. Through out that whole time what music I listened to defined who I was. Without the sole influence of the oldies until I was in sixth grade I would not be the same person, nor would I be without the range of 311 to EvE6 to Korn, Nirvana, or Metallica in middle school. Without being immersed into the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Who, and most importantly Led Zeppelin I could not possibly be the same person I am today.

"Peace Is Free" is sung by Black Stone Cherry but the title means so much more than just that. Every day I come into work now I read tales of horror and violence in the news. Whenever I am at home there is a constant disturbance. At school there always was the looming threat of failure, the drama between people. I just want peace. It really is as simple as that. I know this seems to be common sense but I feel it is something that a lot of people are missing in their lives. And I really do not care how people get it as long as it does not harm others (which I believe is the principle of 'peace') whether that's religion, drawing, movies, books, photography, or music. It should be something that comes free of cost, free of hassle, and free of sadness. It isn't something that someone should say "I wish I had that". Obviously the word peace can mean many different things to a whole lot of people: peace from war, peace from school, family, fighting, etc. But it should just be available.

Lately I have been realizing a lot about myself and a lot of it has to do with music and photography. I find it there. I am truly happy when a new CD by a band I love comes out. I am in utter bliss when I can have conversations about the differences in Roger Daltry's vocals from the 1960's to the 1970's. I mean for crying out loud, even 'Rock Band' brings me to a point of ecstasy that one can only hope lasts forever (though to be fair, I have a pretty rockin' drumset). With photography I feel serenity as soon as I am looking through the lens. However, these are all just fleeting moments in time. I want that happiness, that peace for as long as I can get it. I want others to have it too; I am tired of reading about death, destruction, and dismay in the news, of listening to arguing, bickering, and yelling amongst people. I want peace, because peace is free.

Maybe a lot of these things that I find inner solace in are just that because of their fleetingness, because they're only there for a short period of time. And maybe that is why they are so important to me. To soak up whatever I can, whatever artists are reaching that chord with me, while it is still there to be listened to. I believe that there sadly will always be that yearning for peace that is never fully attained on a global level. However, on a personal level--on my level--I can and will get it. Music can save your soul, music is powerful enough to drive entire generations to a single common goal and ideal. Music is that because though it is fleeting as it happens, it is accessible always.

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b.c. said...

hi adam--that's an awesome shot and piece you've written, very inspiring, thanks for sharing it! wishing you the best this 2009 :)