The Who:

I am Adam. A short description of myself would be: a 23 year old guy who will be finishing his super senior year at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for Mechanical Engineering. I'm a pretty avid rock music audiophile. I overuse exclamation marks way too often! I am a firm believer that "edited" or "editing" should be spelled with two T's. I love baseball (though mostly playing... this whole 'fantasy' league thing kinda weirds me out) and cars. And movies. I love to watch movies!

The What:

A photography blog. A divergent perspective on the things you see everyday. To be honest before this year I never even looked a blog before. Let alone think I would be creating one. I never understood the concept, let alone how someone could create a career out of it... actually I still don't understand that concept. Anyways, I was looking for an outlet to get responses (both good and bad... yes I do look forward to critiques as well!) for something that I consider a passion of mine.

The Why:

I've had a love for art and photography for as long as I can remember but I never did anyt
hing about it until I went to Newcastle Upon Tyne, England for a semester. When I was growing up I was constantly pushed the science/math=good job=good future route (hence how I ended up in Mechanical Engineering). However, lately I've been realizing how much I missed those opportunities and I decided to do something about it. I haggled my way into a photography class at school that is typically closed to non-art majors and I started this blog to get more reviews about my photos. After looking through quite a few photoblogs I realized how fun it was and how great it was to communicate and share the same passion with what could be hundreds of people at once.

The Where:

I've been living in suburbs of Chicago basically my whole life. I mean when I was 4 I lived in the city. During the school year I live down in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and honestly that is where a good majority of the photos I take are from. However, I love to travel, probably equally as much as I love photography. Thus a good deal of my photographs are from areas I've been to/visited/seen. I recently took a job offer at a power engineering company that will have me traveling in the US for about a year and a half or two until I can settle down somewhere else. Hopefully that, my future travels to Europe, and my last semester at U of I will give plenty of viewing pleasure.

The When:

Apparently now.

Thanks to Josy from Ocean Township DP for her help on this and the archive.