The King of Cool

The King of Cool

I seldom ever find the need to delve into the lives of celebrities. In my opinion 90% of the ones receiving the publicity do not deserve it and half of those that do are so full of themselves that it is sickening to watch. Then you have those that just don't really do much of anything and just pass from red carpet to red carpet, impeccably dressed of course. However, every once in a great while you have someone who is more than a celebrity, more than just a pretty face or a talented mind. You have a real life hero.

One of my heroes died this weekend. Mr. Paul Newman. He was an amazing actor but really, and more importantly, an amazing man, person, human being. I never followed Newman's life, and I had heard in passing that he was diagnosed with cancer. Following that I simply said a few silent prayers, hoping for the best for an amazing man and his family. His passing however, the loss of a man so great, really is a tragedy.

He started numerous charitable organizations. He sold his salad dressing to McDonald's and has donated all of those profits to charities. He hated the fame of Hollywood life, but never forgot it was the fans who got him there.

Newman was the role model of a life time, playing the anti-heroes. Playing the people you can relate to, with such ease that it was hard not to be drawn to him. The world's a slightly sadder place without him around and his passing through me into a funk this weekend.

Paul Newman was a man that I will always look up to. I will forever attempt to follow in his footsteps. His life was a lesson that you could find happiness, do exactly what you want in life, make it big, but always remember how you got there. Always treat people with respect and live life with nothin' but a Cool Hand.

Anyways, this photograph is of my sister's boyfriend. I was less trying to capture him, as I was trying to come up with an image that portrayed the ease of "coolness" that Paul Newman so famously possessed. The cockiness and humility all rolled in one amazingly blue eyed package. (This isn't to say said boyfriend isn't cool, he in fact is a really good guy but I had more on my mind this afternoon). I hope you all enjoy it, when I have time and the right set up I plan on doing another, more thought out photo in memorial.

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b.c. said...

oh yeah he was very cool and will be missed by the whole world; this was such a nice tribute piece to him and am sure put a smile on his face wherever he is now...

p.s. nice capture of said boyfriend, he's cool 2