The One Shot


You know that ONE shot that you have been dying to take? Every photographer has well... at least one. It is that photograph that makes you stop dead in your tracks and say "This is why I do this.". You look at it and you cannot possibly help the corners of your lips curving upwards in satisfaction.

Well I got that shot. Recently, my favorite band (okay, it's Zeppelin, The Who, and these guys) Black Stone Cherry had asked me to take photographs for them the next time they were in town. That's right. My modern musical idols, requested that I take some photographs for them. I could not believe it when it happened but sure enough after plenty of anxious waiting I was at Austin's Saloon in Libertyville getting fitted for a photo wristband (they didn't have passes at this place, it was more of a bar type area).

I took some warm up shots of the Parlor Mob, which I asked if they would like too and they said yes! And soon enough Black Stone Cherry took the stage and put on the most rockin' concert you could be at. The energy was incredible, the music was amazing, and the lighting was God awful. It was a dark bar, with random lighting patterns, with most of the colors staying within the dark orange/red range or the very bright green. Once in a while I caught a break with some white lights or even a few blues here and there but it was a challenge. And I loved it. I was shooting "like a fiend" as my photography professor put it. It was pretty hard not to get a good shot because these guys have such a stage presence that people actually just left without seeing the headliner.

I am so excited about these photographs and can only hope that this is the start of something that can last a lifetime.

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Josy said...

I don't want to leave another generic blog comment, but really, wow. Beautiful photo, and GEEZ, your favorite band?! So awesome. Rock on.