-"While our politics may differ, my friend and I are both very tough ladies. You know it reminds me of a joke we tell in Alaska...What's the difference..."
-"Oh boy... Lipstick."
-"...between a hockey mom..."
-"...and a pitbull?"
-"... Lipstick."
-"There you go!"

I took this photo and the above enactment was no where near my head. After printing it and scanning it and another conversation with my girlfriend (photographed) about how much she loved the skit, it just all seemed to fit.

As much as I loved this bit, and the bit about "You can see Russia from my house", my favorite part is when "Hillary" breaks down and screams that she didn't want a woman to be president, she wanted to be president and just happened to be a woman.

This election coming up is huge. Either way it goes, it will break social norms. It will change the face of America forever. But that is not why I am voting. The McCain-Palin ticket scares me. Probably more so than either Bush election. Not only because McCain is not a 'Maverick', but he will simply continue the decimation of this country that W has started. Now add to that a person (woman, man, whatever, it doesn't matter) that does not believe in evolution, who wanted books to be banned, who is less experienced than the person their running candidate is attacking for his own lack of experience, who lied to the entire nation in her first big speech at the RNC, wants to teach abstinence only education yet has a child who is pregnant, does not believe in the option of abortion even in the cases of rape and incest, and is described as essentially a cold-hearted, back stabber from people who knew her.

It. Is. Frightening. Do something about this people. McCain would be the oldest man to be President if he is elected. If he wins and something should happen to his health, Sarah Palin will be leading this country straight into the ground. I rarely get political. Especially on a photography based blog, but this issue is to big to just set aside.

See for yourself:
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Anonymous said...

I really like that you posted this. Was just thinking about how I might put up a political post soon...and for me that's probably a first. For me, someone who has never voted, to be this scared at the idea of someone getting anywhere near the presidency...well, something is wrong. Sarah Palin needs to get waaaaaay further than a heartbeat away from the presidency. in Alaska attempting to get to that nowhere-island via only her swimming skills. That works for me.

...Might have to go watch the skit again. ;)

Anonymous said...

P.S. It looks like maybe I can just re-register in IL? Or do absentee? I don't know, was on today and got mixed results.

Jackie said...

Cool photo.

I just wish the rest of the world could vote - I'm scared, on this side of the Pond, especially after what happened in 2000.

Cap'n A-Hab said...

You know man, I was reading this, and I could say the same thing about Obama and the plans he has. He wants to implement plans that haven't been tried before and could end up being disasters. Not that I'm saying they WILL, but they could.

I think the scary thing is that we are worried a lot about the INDIVIDUAL who will be in one office, but what about the rest of the checks and balances? There is a reason we have a congress, and the right to bear arms at that. If the government gets out of hand, we are to rise up against it, at least that's what the founding fathers suggest.

All things should be considered in what has caused our country to go the way it has. And I also think the idea of us having taken a 'nose dive' to be slightly dramatic. We as a country are doing just fine (recessions happen to everybody), and as your boy Barack says, it is OUR job to change it, not the President's. Placing too much hope in the government will disappoint A LOT of people.

Anyway, I also think that a person's beliefs, such as in the realm of their faith, if defended well, should be considered. I'm an engineer, and I am not convinced of evolution one way or another.

On the other hand, I myself, as a Christian, believe that Christians shouldn't hold political office, because it puts them in too many compromising situations.

Now, I say all this, and want you to know, I have yet to pick a candidate, but I just wish we didn't paint it with all doom and gloom no matter which direction we look. I will be selecting a candidate once I see the debates and hear them speak on the issues, not just read what either candidate's website says.

On a side note, I did love the skit though. And nice picture.

Let's continue to chat in Photo...

Adam said...

Caffeinerd - Go for it, I look forward to reading it :)

Jackie - Sometimes I feel the same way.

cap'n a-hab -

I really appreciate your response. We seem to have a bit different opinion and talking about it would be great. I do want to "clarify" a few things here though.

When I was talking about how she doesn't believe in evolution, I was alluding to how she did not want it being taught in schools. That's really what bothers me.

I have never had the urge to vote republican. Especially in the past 8 years but I don't hold anything against those who do or honestly even the party itself. It has produced many great presidents but as of late I am unimpressed. Not to say that the democrats impress me but it's really come down to two choices.

I have listed here "other people's websites" and such because they were the most striking to me online, but believe me I have seen interviews. I have watched what she has said, and I have seen her responses to questions I wanted to hear answered. I am not basing my opinion solely on others'.

I look forward to the debates. I believe it will be very interesting. I realize you can't place all your faith in to 1 or 2 people in the government. But they leaders for a reason, or at least they should be.

Cap'n A-Hab said...

Totally agreed my man. It is an important decision, and that is why I want to give it such weight in my mind.

Thanks for the response

Dan said...

Love the pic. The use of the mirrors and the b&w were very creative. Great job on this Adam!

theys said...

A beautiful picture and which I like much, bravo!