Cake Or Death

Wedding Cake

I'm not a huge cake fan really. In fact I typically avoid it at all costs because 9/10 times the frosting gives me a headache. However, this cake looks amazing. The title is really only half accurate, unless I decide to say I was being clever and referring to "Until death do you part" or however the wedding phrase goes... but I wasn't. I just think a certain British cross dressing comedian is hysterical.

And... the formatting's being weird for me to place my exif data on. I'll update at home and hopefully the archive as well!

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Jackie said...

Wow, that's a cake and a half.

When I got married we really wanted a cake with massively OTT rainbow icing. But the only one we found that we could afford was Madeira cake which neither of us like. So we ended up with plain white instead - which was beautiful, and it tasted great, but the rainbow icing would have been cool!