I needed a break from sorting through hundreds of wedding photos so I indulged myself in some more layering/texturing/exposuring blending techniques with this photo. It's a tree (obviously) on a lakefront near where I work. I got bored the other day and decided to pull over and take a few photos. There's no point in putting the exif data because it's all messed up because the image is blended and flattened, etc.
The original can be seen here: ORIGINAL.
Speaking of originals, I promised a few people the originals of a sunset HDR I took and I'll try and get those up tonight with an edit.


Dan said...

Great work on this pic Adam. I am with you. I get bored just sorting through photos and find myself wandering off to experiment in PS. I really like the creativity it enables. Plus, it appeals to my inner geek.

thanks for your comment on my blog. I just got back from Boston so I didn't have a chance to respond till now.

Adam said...

Thanks Dan! I agree, sometimes you really just need to exercize that inner geek. And no problem, as life slows down a bit for me I am trying to make my comment rounds a bit more.

I still owe you the originals of my HDR so you could see what I did!