Burned Down Every Bridge That I've Found

Burned Down Every Bridge That I've Found

"...And I limit myself to a 6 gun quota"

So I've decided at the moment I'm just going to do what ever I can now. If I don't have time, I don't. If no one other than the smattering of you who constantly do, then so be it. Here I would like to take another opportunity to thank those of you who do. It does mean a lot, as I'm sure you know... but I feel the need to thank you so... just accept it ;).
Anyways, I may only post every few days for the next few weeks to come but once I am down at school I hope that that changes. In fact that's my goal. I have big plans for this blog (including starting a 365 with a newly purchased domain when I return from Europe next summer with a new dSLR camera).
So here's how I look at it: I'm going to keep posting. I hope people keep looking. And I'll consider this my introduction to the entire blogosphere.
In this process I'll be adjusting this site to meet the needs that I think are required to correctly portray my photos.

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Mariah Cheyenne said...

I am intensely jealous that you are going to Europe but all envy aside, this shot is very striking. I'm starting to become a fan of your work =]