Spanish Steeds

Spanish Steeds
I feel as if I have not given enough credit to the start of my photography "artistic" passion. I had not thought much of photography other than "cool pics" before I went abroad for a semester. Even when I was dabbling (quite a bit honestly) in graphic design in high school, I was ignorant to what the world of photography possessed. To be honest, not all of my Europe photos are good. In fact, compared to now most aren't at all. However, they were my base. They were my foundation to starting something that I felt immediately would last my life time.
Europe and photography have been on my mind for a while now so I decided to revisit some photos from my term abroad and see if I could fix them up a tad through photoshop. Keep in mind that at this time I was using a 3 or 4 MP camera with a 3X zoom that all in all rarely functioned correctly so to post those photos now I feel as if I need to put them through some sort of editing program to make sure the noise is all gone.
In the end, this is the first shot that involved motion that truly stuck with me. I felt it came alive a bit. There had been others that I loved the set up, or that in fact I like quite a bit more than this one. However, for some reason, this shot pushed me to the point where I realized what I could really do. Even if I did have such a crappy camera.


Guntur Purwanto S said...

Hi David..your pictures are good. Love your shots. Just keep it up, bro! And for sure, everything will be better if we keep trying. Thanks for the comment in my blog earlier.

Greetings from Indonesia.


Mariah Cheyenne said...

I love this shot,
especially the detail of the water
and the mist around the edge of it.
It's fantastic.

Josy said...

Heh--I've got the same thing with a lot of my earlier shots. I keep thinking, "Oh! There are those Italy shots I took in 2005--maybe I can doll those up, crop them, despeckle them, post those somewhere."


Nooooooo no no no no no.

Everything I took before last summer (when I got my 6MP 10x optical zoom camera [and learned the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom]) is just not very good. That's all there is to it.

So-- neat old shot you've got here. :)