Of Lights and Shadows

Of Lights and Shadows

My younger sister is really into photography. And she's really good (actually both are, just one's more into it than the other). She won an award for a photo that went to a national middle school competition when she was in 8th grade. So once in a while we like to go on these photography trips and try setting up some photos and get the best shots we can. This was one of the outcomes. Turned out pretty good. There wasn't much post work done to it other than a slight dodge/burn and level adjusting. Hers from the night are pretty good and mostly are a "ghost" type where the focus [me:)] fades out.

On another note I submitted the final version of the Research Park series (1 and 2) to the reality company and they are going with this photo. That is the edited one because they requested that the photo not have the car and (this was very odd to me) their building in it. So I went and photoshopped them out (original...click). I've been told that it's pretty hard to tell but I can't help but notice. ANYWAYS, it's going up and I'm happy about that!

And sorry about not updating for a few days but it's been chaotic. I had a job interview today (which went well!) and had to do a lot of editing of the Research Park photo (and don't want to keep posting only those and bore you to tears). Anyways, after using flickr for a bit I noticed that they actually give the stats of the picture when you post it (which I knew were stored in the properties of the photo but didn't realize websites can take that off). But would you like me to post those along with the photo so you can get a bit more info (and it seems more professional) or would you rather just look it up at flickr if you're interested?


Anonymous said...

I love that you and Charlotte have your photo shoots. You should have her as a guest blogger sometime--those "ghost" shots were incredibly cool, as is this photo by you.

Adam said...

:) I was thinking the same thing.

greenie said...