Blended Sky(scraper)

Blended Sky(scraper)


Seems to be the start of a tradition here at A Divergent Perspective so I thought I should continue it. Plus this one again required almost no post processing other then level adjustment.

I visited Chicago the other day with Elena and had a great time walking around (though blisters came from awful sandals) and taking pictures. However, I was yelled at no less than TWO times for taking photos! One I almost understood because it was in Ogilvie (train) Station and I guess for security reasons I can see why (not really but I can see them making me stop)... though I took some in other areas of it anyways. But one time I was simply on the street taking a picture of a very cool lighting scenario occurring in an alley and the security guard yelled over loudspeaker! Needless to say I was pretty PO'd.

Also, don't forget to check out my other post Of Lights and Shadows for today and answer the italicized question!


Jackie said...

That's a really fantastic photo - very impressive indeed!

Adam said...

Thank you! :)

b.c. said...

this is a great shot, i really like it, very architectural...i left this in answer to your question on my blog but in case you haven't seen it: the only place i was ever asked not to take photos was the mca (mus. of contemp. art) one has ever asked me not to take a photo of a building, and as you know, i love taking photos of buildings. i read up on the legal aspects of taking pictures and anything from the street is supposed to be ok, anyway, all i can say is just keep shooting, you've got a great eye for it

paolo said...

i like the way it blend with the light, looks like an architectural drawing.