Procrastination At Its Best

This week is of course finals week and I have two left. I have been procrastinating pretty bad, though in my opinion for good reasons. One of my classes changes formats, times, questions, etc so frequently that it's hard to just sit down and do one thing for it. The other class I am doing rather well in and am not horribly worried about the final.

Anyways, of course my favorite form of procrastination is photography. My wonderful girlfriend showed me a place at U of I called Research Park. I was taking some photos at her suggestion and the CEO of the corporation that owns the Park drove by, asked me to send him the photos, and are now being speculated for usage on the company's website and in the lobbies of their buildings a slideshow.

This was taken a few days ago at aforementioned park.


There will certainly be more procrastination pictures in the future. I just haven't uploaded them off of my camera because I should be studying at the moment.


Jackie said...

That's a brilliant shot - I'd love to see this place. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for the link - much appreciated! :)

Good luck for your finals - I'm a postgrad now, so no more exams; I'm very glad not to have to swot up for them any more!

Jackie (Glasgow DP)

Adam said...

And thank you as well (especially for the well wishes on finals... last one tomorrow)! :)

It is a beautiful open area on campus.

Look forward to more of your pictures of Glasgow.