Well today's going to be a Three for One deal because, well I need a pick me up before my last final and it was really hard to choose which I wanted to put up. They're all contrasting light and dark photos taken at various places around campus. Kinda exactly how I feel about Uni right now I suppose.

This one was taken on Green St. where they're doing a great deal of construction.


I took this when walking to office hours for my 360 final. I loved the shot but the office hours didn't help a whole lot.


One of many shots I took to keep my mind sane while studying for my heat transfer class. As it turns out my professor is a huge fan of photography.


EDIT: Changed the last picture here to one I slightly edited for color.


Anonymous said...

The first one is my favorite; love the lighting--looks like a little of your "favorite kind of sky" shining through. :)

Jackie said...

I love those top two pictures, the rays of sun peering through the black clouds. Hope your final exam turned out sunnier than you think.

Jackie (Glasgow DP)