I am finally finished with finals. That last one was absolutely awful; I just hope I did well enough to get by. Anyways, so hopefully I'll be able to cycle through my few hundred pictures from the past 2 or so weeks and get a good amount posted to start this blog off a bit better. I am really hoping to get response and criticism (constructive at least... hopefully some praise as well come to think of it) for this photo blog. I am really trying to turn this hobby of mine into maybe something slightly more.

Anyways, after an awful day (little sleep, a bad final, studying all day, getting locked out of my apt) here's my picture about the day in the life of a U of I engineer.

A Day In The Life (of an Engineer)


b.c. said...

hi adam, bet it feels good to be done with finals--sorry its been awful but hey it can only get better from here on. looking forward to seeing more of your photos--like the ones you put in of the sky on your way to work, great light coming in through the clouds

Adam said...

BC, it feels great! Thanks a lot and I'm glad you like what you see.

Josy said...

Woohoo! Coffee, the great substitute for sleep! Damn, that's one of the big things I'm not looking forward to next year.