Sorry for the lack of updates (and that this one's short on writing but as you can see it's nearly 4AM and I'm leaving for home tomorrow when I wake up) it's been a looong week! So my girlfriend (and many of my friends) graduated this weekend and I went to their college's ceremony. It was actually quite nice and not too long. Anyways, I have a few pics from the day that I liked so I thought I'd share them.


The Ceiling

The Walls

Sea of Blue


More on all of this later!


Just for an explanation of the pictures. The first is at the bronze tablet display in the *ahem* MAIN Library. The second is the ceiling of Assembly Hall, and the third are the walls from the inside (it's a very cool design architecturally). The fourth is, of course, the graduates. And the last is the special tassel, gown accessory for those students who are bright enough to be in the 3% of their class (a special someone I know just happens to be that smart!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for using your photographic abilities at my graduation (and for the very flattering title of the first picture). Love you (and especially love the sea of caps).

Jackie said...

I love that Sea of Blue picture - what a great capture! :)

Josy said...

Ooo, I'm particularly liking most of the "Beauty" photo! "Sea of Blue" is p;retty damn cool, too. :)

Adam said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback :)

b.c. said...

hi adam congratulations to you and all your friends. these pics you've posted are awesome (that's a very nice pic of your girlfriend btw--it's very special). i really like them. have fun in good ol' wisco--enjoy the break--you guys deserve it