Back in Black!

Well I've arrived safe and sound back in the 'burbs of Chicago. Wisconsin was great and I had a blast hanging out in nearly the middle of no where (one of the neighboring towns Embarrass had 487 people for a population). There were only two downsides: the mosquitoes which were awful and my internship company from last summer telling me that due to the failing economy they cannot afford an engineering intern for the summer (which ya know... is fantastic news for me to start looking for another when it's basically summer now for interns...). I believe I got some great photos and gonna start posting a few here now.

Wisconsin Night


Josy said...

Sucks about the internship. Sorry to hear about that.

Nice stars, though. :)

Jackie said...

Gorgeous - how nice to be somewhere with no light pollution so you can actually see the stars!

Is that place really called Embarrass? What a great name for a town!

Adam said...

Josy- thanks, it does suck but I'm applying everywhere I can think of! So hopefully somewhere works out.

Jackie- Yup, it certainly was, I'll post a picture of it at some point. And the stars were fantastic! Missing those are one of my few gripes about suburban/city life.