Man and Cow

This was taken in town where they had across from this a pair of lumberjacks taken a tree down statue as well. I really want to post some black and whites but I liked the focus here so I chose this one.

Also I'm trying a new format out so I can post slightly larger preview images. I know it's ironic that this post doesn't take advantage of that but it's a process! Anyways, still editing and such (like the title picture... used to like the embossed letters and now I'm not so sure...), let me know what you think of that as well.


b.c. said...

i like your new photos, the angle on this one is nice, like the indirect approach

and it's nice to keep fiddling with your format until you really like it--that's part of the fun i think

Adam said...

Thanks BC, and it is pretty fun and a complete work in progress.