I'm a Rebel Baby

Time To Get Serious

I finally got it. The Canon Rebel XSi. I have been dying for a dSLR since I really got into photography and it's no let down. Sure, you have to change lenses for different effects but when the standard kit lens is a 3X zoom 18mm(wide anglish)-55mm f3.5-5.6 then you're basically set for anything I would've been doing in a point and shoot. Even the zoom is accounted for. I was shooting at 7.2 megapixels and now I'm at 12.2. Except for the far end of that zoom range I basically can just crop down the picture to the size I was shooting earlier and still have all that juicy detail.

It's freedom like I've never experienced. RAW imaging really does give you that much more for data information and post processing is a breeze with it now. There are so many options I can barely keep up with them but I'm tackling them fast (only had it a few hours).

It is supposed to, unfortunately, rain the next few days but I'm doing some concert photography tomorrow night and hopefully some city shots if I can! So you'll see plenty of photos up and running come Saturday and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I love this shot :)


Jackie said...

Excellent. I'm waiting till my point-n-shoot dies before angling for a dSLR (not that I want it to die, you understand, I'm really happy with it!). Looking forward to your results!

Josy said...


As with Jackie, I'm looking forward to more shots. :)