The End of an Era

End of an Era

Well this is it. The end of my self-taught photo career. I am now fully enrolled and participating in a photography class at the University of Illinois (where I'm going for my Bacholer's in Mechanical Engineering). I made a hard decision and am selling (possibly to family) my Sony DSC-H5.

I badly desired the camera so I would be able to delve further into photography than simply pointing and shooting. It guided me through good times and bad times, it rarely left my side. Most of my friends now know, and probably have memorized it's exact size and shape. They certainly know the flash. It opened so many countless opportunities for me and got me my first published photos at the U of I iHotel. It changed my life and will always hold a place in my heart.

I am moving on to a Canon Rebel XSi. I should be happier I know but the camera is too expensive but without going into major details I am, by all means, forced to buy it. I know there's worse things in life than getting something better than what you wanted but there's unseen circumstances occurring.

So here's to you Sony DSC-H5 and all you've given me. I'm going to miss you dearly, with your sleek style, aggravating manual settings, and especially your glorious wide angle lens.


Dan said...

My condolenses on the loss of your Sony, but welcome to the Canon family of shooters Adam. I hope you enjoy your class. I have taken a couple at the local community college and have always found them rewarding.

Josy said...

Awwwwwwwwww. :(

Hope you enjoy the class, at least.

And your new Rebel! Man oh man. Get a wide-angle lens for that sucker as soon as you can afford it.

Or a FISHEYE, even!

The possibilities, the possibilities!