Introducing the Nikon FE

Introduction: The Nikon FE

I finally got it fixed. My first 35 mm film SLR! Let me tell you, it's so satisfying. The click of the shutter and the pull of the film when you forward to the next shot. Adjusting all the settings. It really makes you feel... validated. Like you belong out there taking photos.

I have a Nikon Nikkor f1.4 50 mm lens on it right now; which I love because I can take nice landscape shots or fantastic portraits, really my two main styles.

I'm so excited about this I can barely contain myself.


Jackie said...

Thanks for visiting Glasgow again!

This sort of camera is a bit scary for me, but I'm thinking once my point-n-press digital camera dies I might go for a nicer DSLR and see what I can do with it.

Josy said...

Your enthusiasm makes me smile.

Have fun with your upcoming photography class.