80 on the Open Road


Driving home from the Highland Games, I decided to take this photo. Notice the rainbow! :)

Updating everything and going to comment starting tomorrow! Get excited!


Josy said...

Original thought:
You're messing with me. There's no rainbow.

Thoughts on seeing the Flickr notes:
Where? That's a tower. ::leans in:: Wait... no... yes! Color! Okay.

Thoughts on reading the title:
This is really good for an 80mph one-handed through-the-sunroof shot. How you managed to hold onto your camera at 80mph outside the car is beyond me, though.

Adam said...

Thanks for your thoughts Josy! Yea it looks better large but alas it seems a few of my photos have ended up in strange places without my knowledge (wedding websites and the like) and thus I took away the option of viewing it large. I'm glad I provided you with a bit of an adventure to find it though.

And the way I held onto it? I have huge hands.