Rolls 'N Johnnie


Camera: Sony DSC-H5 Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/500) Aperture: f/7.1 Focal Length: 6 mm ISO Speed: 80 Exposure Bias: -1 EV

"You can take the Rolls if you like, just make sure to bring it back with a full tank."

If you know what movie that line is from you're awesome.

Another picture from the Scottish Festival (British Car section). I can't help but think that there's something missing/awry with this photo. If you can help me out I'd be extremely thankful.


Because y'all were just so kind to wait for an archive and didn't get a two-fer on Friday here's another:

Sea of Red, Black, Green, Gold, and Blue

Johnnie Gold, Red, Black, Green, and of course: Blue.

AND I'M PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: my archive is up :). So if you missed one of my past glorious photos, now you can go and see exactly which it was. Just click here or on "Past Photos" on the left.


Anonymous said...

I know what movie it's from ∴ I am awesome

Josy said...

Woohoo! Archive! Joy joy joy.

I knew I'd heard that line, and it tickled me when I heard it, but I had to Google the answer. Damn, I just re-saw it on TV a few weeks ago!

But therefore--I can't do the fancy symbol like caffeinerd, who gets extra awesome points for knowing how to do that--I am not awesome.

(...Okay, technically, if A implies B, then not-A doesn't imply not-B, so I can still be awesome.)

I think I'm rambling.