Update from the WI

Well I'm sitting in a cute coffee/book shop up in Wisconsin where I'm able to get some internet access. I don't have my own computer here so no new photos from the lake house but I promise you I have some good ones that I am excited to get back and have a look at. Anyways, here's two more from Champaign that I'm pretty fond of. The first follows the "floral" theme from last time though this one has Altgeld Hall peaking through (the castle like building on campus) and the next is a picture of a tent they set up on the Engineering Quad in front of Grainger Library for those of you not so into the floral context of the previous two.

Castle in the Flowers

Roped Off

Anyways, I'd like to get on at least once, hopefully twice more and post some more pictures before I return but we shall see! It's pretty nice being separated from technology for a bit. Occupying my time with walks, bike rides, and kayaking (which I've never done before) is pretty fun. Though with job searching concurrently occurring and waiting for calls/e-mails it makes it hard to entirely remove one's self. Oh well, until next time!


Dan said...

Adam, ended up on your blog by following your link from BC's Chicago daily photo blog. Great pics, love the point of view on these.

b.c. said...

these are nice shots, i like the perspective on them both...enjoy the time off from technology (though it must be hard if you are waiting on emails about jobs and stuff)

b.c. said...

p.s. am away from chicago too at the moment but i still plan to be posting photos i took of chicago before i left, and like you my internet connection's a bit iffy...anyways back on monday

Jackie said...

I think I may have seen a sculpture by the person who did the sculpture in your second photo in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I'm trying for the life of me to remember his name - Nigel something I think.

Adam said...

Dan- thanks a lot! BC's pics are great, I'm glad you like mine.

BC- I will enjoy the time off (though, you are correct, it is quite unnerving when waiting for job and school stuff). Looking forward to more of your posts.

Jackie - wow really? Man, if you can find out the name that'd be great!

Jackie said...

Ok, I checked my old photos, the sculptor I'm thinking of is Nigel Hall - obviously don't take it as gospel that your sculpture is by him, you'll need to check at the place you took the picture, but those shapes feature a lot in the sculptures I saw of his so I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was by him.

If you ever make it this side of the Pond, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is well worth a visit, I thought it was brilliant.