Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing Black Stone Cherry

Ladies And Gentlemen, Introducing Black Stone Cherry

In The Vein of Bonham and MoonMaybe Someday, Maybe SomedayAnd I Just Want to Break Your HeartAnd Like the Clouds...

His Boots They Are Leading
I know I've mentioned them before, and this may seem excessive/obsessive but I'm just really into music, specifically Rock and Roll, and these guys embody everything I think to be good about it. Their message is always one of hope, peace, and happiness but they rock harder than any other rock band out there that feeds off of their fans' depression. Their music is something I will never tire of.
I've yet to do a real "series" of all related photos from some event or something so I decided to go with this one. I was about 10 feet away from the stage with my point and shoot camera and trying to sing at the top of my lungs and "headbang" while also trying to get good photos.
I thought about it and if the extremely unlikely event were to occur where I were ever able to go into a career in photography I think Concert Photography would be one of my first choices. It's energetic, and fun, and crazy. Plus you're interacting with people basically without forcing it. They're doing what they love and you're doing what you love. It seems to have a nice harmonious touch to it.


Jackie said...

There are some cracking shots there - that silhouette one is really excellent. It doesn't look like my kind of music I must say, but if it's your thing I bet it was a blinder.

b.c. said...

Hey Adam!!! looks like you had a perfect spot from the stage here...great shots, like the action (that hair...!) bet they were making some noise

Sorry i was gone from the blog for so long but I'll be out and about shooting again--see ya!

Dan said...


Thanks for visiting my blog while I was on vacation. I am just now getting back into the blog-groove!

Great concert pics. Man I would love to hear these guys. Do they have a CD or are they on facebook? I am so tired of the depression laden, dour music and lyrics I hear in current R&R.

Super Senior. Do you have a senior project of some sort to tie everything together? What are your post graduation plans? Have you been interning during the summers? Email me if you are looking for a job. I have work for an international engineering company and we are always on the lookout for new engineers.

Adam said...

Jackie - You'd be surprised (unless you don't like rock at all). Thanks though!

B.C. - Good to hear from you! Can't wait to see your new shots.

Dan - No problem, I love your views on things. I know how getting back into that groove goes (I just got back down to Uni for my last year and it's hard to find time with moving everything in and such!).

They actually have 2 CDs out now! The latest (Folklore & Superstition) just came out. It's amazing. They are on Facebook and a few of their songs can be heard on or their website They also will be in Fort Worth and Tyler, Texas at the end of this week which if you have time and like what you hear you should check them out.

And why yes I just received my Senior design project. We don't know much about it other than it's called "Case Cleaning" and has to do with making sure welding "waste" doesn't enter a certain case for a company. I have had several internships (3 since I started at U of I) and I will be looking for a job quite soon. I'll shoot you an e-mail sometime soon with more details about that. Thanks for the great comments and interest.