Families: A Triptych Bokeh

Families: A Triptych Bokeh

I know on this photoblog, every once in a while details of my personal life come out but usually it's nothing that personal. And rarely, if ever, has it been negative. I don't really think this is the place for it and for the most part I don't think the majority of you really need to read or hear about depressing things considering everyone has their own stuff to deal with. Though with photography becoming the passion of mine that it is, something eventually was going to take form in it.

Thus this series of photos was taken. It was something I learned about on Flickr really. I have never attempted at doing a diptych or a triptych before. I also never had attempted a serious bokeh image before. But for some reason when I was sitting on the deck at my Aunt's it just clicked and I went for it. I love my family, I really do. There's just times when a certain male member of it makes life much harder than it ever should be for all of us a grand majority of the time. And I know there's others out there that have the same issue. The blurred effect really is more how I feel about these people at these times, but the overall image is bright: in the end everything's okay. I always have to look at it from several angles; none of which I understand slightly. But finally I just move on because there is nothing more I can do about it. That's really what these photos represent to me.

Anyways, I hope you like it. Or at least find it interesting enough to give some constructive criticism if you don't.

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Josy said...

One of the most annoying things about Blogger is that it's difficult to see a photo and type a critique at the same time. I can't just scroll up to look at the photo and scroll down to type--oh no--I need to spend 3 minutes opening a new freaking window and arranging/resizing everything so I can see both windows. RRRRGHH.

Anyway. You asked for a critique, so here you go. :)

Overall, I like it.

I think the top photo has a different feel to it than the bottom photos, and this difference is emphasized in your presentation.

I like the top photo's abstractness. I like the blurred, nostalgic feeling of the bottom two photos. I don't know how well the top and bottom go together, though.

The top photo, to me, is very right-brained. You can't even really tell there are people in the photo. The left side is overexposed, but hey--I've had more than my share of overexposures, so I'm one to talk. ;)

The bottom photos--again, just to me--seem nostalgic. A picnic or a camping trip in the woods, a family, blurred sunshine, but--just as you intended--there's a certain unsettlingness about the fact that everything is blurred.

I think both the top and bottom photos have their own merits, but I think the bottom photos more closely succeed at what you were aiming for. If you ever revisit this set of images, perhaps you'd consider a diptych instead of a triptych..?

Nice work.

(P.S. Everything is subjective.)