Sunset in the CU

Sunset in the CU

So this is my first go at an "HDR" image. That is a High Dynamic Range image. For more information go here! Basically it takes the highest amount of range in the photograph and puts it together in a huge image which is then scaled down and tone mapped. You can only do this for realsies with an HDR program either from Photoshop CS2 and on or with Photomatix. I used the latter. Then the post I had to do in Photoshop to get rid of the "double" image because I took the exposure breaks without a tripod.

I liked the end result. If you'd like I can post the original image so you can see a comparison. Speaking of comparisons. I just got a call from a legit recruiter asking me to join a firm close to school for nearly 10 more dollars an hour than I'm currently getting paid. There's two things though. I just accepted and am currently working a different job that I do like, and it maybe a full time position which most likely wouldn't work during the school year. Gah, it's not even an offer but more of a hey here's this out there.

Oh well, lemme know what you think about the picture or give me advice on my job.


Dan said...

Really great job on this. I am playing around with HDR and will be posting the results once I get one I am not ashamed of.

This one looks really good. The exposure difference between the sky and foreground at sunset is dramatic but you seemed to have blended these pics well so there is nice even exposure throughout.

I would have liked to have seen the pictures you used before you put them together.

b.c. said...

Wow, this is nice--someone was just telling me about HDR this morning and here you are...nice shot too!

Jackie said...

I like this, but I'd like to see the original shot to compare it.

I'm the last person who should give job advice. I gave up a great job to do a PhD! And my husband can't get work in Scotland so has to work down south. So I'll just say nothing and hope you make a choice that's good for you, whichever one you decide :)