These are from the Black Stone Cherry Concert I went to last Sunday. I was pretty excited to get a few good shots, especially with my lack of zoom I had going. It worked out well though I think. The first is right after he had the entire crowd clapping along with the beat of the drums. The latter is the drummer playing the bass guitar... with his drum sticks... and a bottle of water flying through the air.

I decided to post two photos because I believe this may be Picasa's last hurrah. I'm hopefully going to have a job by next week which means I'll be able to purchase space to upload pictures to and honestly Flickr's got Picasa beat in my opinion (which if you disagree with please let me know... I'm looking for the best bang for my buck). So I'm going to start my flickr account next and see where that goes.


Josy said...

Every time I look at this photoblog, it's gotten snazzier and snazzier.

Neat photos--especially the first one.

b.c. said...

nice concerts shots, i like them in black and white, gives a nice docu-feel...(nice title too)

hey good luck with the job, but does this mean your blog's moving to flickr?!? hope not

Adam said...

Josy - Thanks! I appreciate that :) I love the first one. The second one I think I love what is occurring in it more than the actual photo.

bc - thanks, I never really thought of it that way but I like your train of thought. I hear from the job today hopefully so cross your fingers! My blog will stay here though, the pictures hosting shall move to flickr though. So no worries!