Everyday Beauty

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was at an all day rock concert. Essentially most of the bands we saw were pretty awful and the people were part of the scariest crowd at a concert I have ever seen. And I've been to a LOT of concerts. I felt really dirty after leaving it. If it had not been for Black Stone Cherry giving the best live performance I have ever witnessed in all my years of concert attending (that's including The Who people), it would have been a pretty awful experience. If you like amazing music, check them out. Anyways, after all the depressing views of human life I witnessed at this concert it was nice to come back and take a look at this photo I was able to get the day before in my hometown.

EDIT: What do you think of me posting the vertical photos at this large size? Not sure it quite fits...

EDIT2.0: A photo I took while in Newcastle is now up on the Newcastle Daily Photo as a guest photo so head on over there to check it out. The link is on my blog list on the right.

EDIT3.0: As much as I liked having a larger photo shown, it does throw off the balance of the others that are considerably smaller. Plus I wouldn't want to take away from a photo by not having the whole thing shown. Also, unfortunately Picasa only has 4 size options so I'll have to go with medium 400 pixels all around.


Jackie said...

That's a stunning picture. I like it that big, even though it appears a bit bigger than my laptop screen. Scrolling down doesn't spoil it - it just means there's more surprises!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Agreed--very stunning!

Josy said...

Too bad about the concert. Ohhhh well, at least you saw your cherryfolk.

I have a soft spot for sunsets, so I like yer photo. Posting large is up to you, though. I try to keep my vertical shots to 600 pixels tall so there's no scrolling involved, but I know a lot of more "professional" photobloggers who go for the OMG WHAT A HUGE PHOTO effect.

Adam said...

Jackie - Thanks! Though I think I'm going to resize it smaller because I'd really like to have the whole picture, without scrolling, being shown.

Caffeinerd - Why thank you very much :)

Josy - hahaha, I found the term "cherryfolk" really rather amusing. And I'm gonna have to agree with you on the no scrolling aspect. Maybe if I had one of those expensive domains that those "professionals" had I could get away with it. Yet with all the other pics on my site being medium sized I think I'll just stick with that.